Feb 21 -

David Mayfield made my day once again!! I got to see David last week at 92Y Tribeca, when he supported Josh Joplin. I admittedly, had never heard of Josh Joplin but was psyched to see David Mayfield again. I was in for a treat, David and Josh are so different yet work so beautifully together. True collaborators.

We were, as per usual, only the second people in the venue and had our choice of seats…yes seats, and tables. So I was then faced with life’s tough decisions, stage left or stage right?? Center stage is never an option, bad photographic up the nose angles.

After we settled the seating situation I spy a merch table….A MERCH TABLE!! I’m always a sucker for a souvenir. I then spent the next hour before the show started stalking the unattended merch table. David Mayfield t-shirts and CD’s for sale and I couldn’t buy any yet…torture!!! All through David and Josh’s set I was sneaking a peek over at the table, still nobody…

Towards the end of the show, Josh announces that merch will be available to purchase after the show. As soon as the show was over I made a bee line for the merch table a few feet away. I was first in line to purchase my very own David Mayfield t-shirt and CD from none other than David Mayfield! Definitely worth the wait, and got another pic with him. 


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